DnD Adventures for Kids

Enjoy a complete list of free and kid-friendly DnD Adventures. 5e Compatible.

A kid-friendly adventure is the equivalent of a PG rating. The earliest adventure (Wizard Bonbon) was written in 2019.

Wizard Bonon and the Castle of Sucre

For (3 – 4 ) Adventurers Level 1 – 3

“The Castle of Sucre is a tale that parents tell their children to get them to behave. It’s a myth. It’s a legend. It’s a story about a place where all your candy and sweets go if you do not behave as a young child. While nobody knows for certain if Castle Sucre exists, the magic behind the story is very real and has been around for hundreds of years.”

The Dragon’s Fortune

For (3 – 4) Adventurers Level 1 – 3

“I didn’t get a chance to look inside. It was very dark in there, and while I can see very well in the dark I didn’t want to risk going inside without doing some research first. I rushed home and read every book on dragons that we had in our family library. I learned that it must be some sort of hideout for a dragon’s treasure.”

The Monster Hunter Guild of Havale

For (3 – 4) Adventurers Level 3-5

“Today, the Monster Hunter Guild has a guild branch in every major town across the land of Alorae. This guild gained its fame around 250 years ago when its original 30 members were hired by the Nobles of Doford to kill seven massive purple worms that were devouring the capital city of Abison. Now known as the Heroes of Abison, the 30 brave warriors killed the giant beasts and saved the capital. Only 7 of the original 30 Heroes of Abison survived the fight. Their story is known all across Alorae. To this day, bards sing victory songs of their heroic deeds. What was once a band of misfits, thieves, and ne’er-do-wells became a guild of legend. This is how legends start. One great deed.”

The Sleeping Sickness of Bear Claw Village

For (3 – 4) Adventurers Level 3 – 5

“One day, as you cross the fine stone bridge past Finri’s Forge and enter the village, it seems unusually still and quiet. You don’t hear young Adron laughing or see him being chased by his parents, you don’t smell Else’s seasoned roast chicken and potatoes, you don’t hear the banging of metal from Finri’s Forge, and you don’t hear small explosions from Thaarno’s lab. You don’t hear or see much of any activity at all today. You do hear the loud and familiar snoring of Blueberry the bear sleeping under the plum tree but you have a feeling creep over you that something is not right here.”

The Floating Library of Pelduin

For (3 – 4 ) Adventurers Level 3-5

“Today is a day like any other in Pelduin. It’s early morning and the sun is just beginning to rise in the east over the horizon of the Ethereal Sea. You hear the shouts of people preparing their large fishing vessels and the crashing of waves against the wooden dock. Elven merchants begin setting up their booths, preparing to accept barrels of fresh fish. The smell of the lemony sea water fills your nose. The winds are favorable on this day and blowing steadily due east. Today is a perfect day for fishing.”

The Cursed Amulet

For (3 – 4 ) Adventurers Level 1

“The Goddess Shar, of the trickster domain, has created a cursed amulet and placed it in a nearby cavern for curious adventurers to find and take with them. Any creature or player who touches this amulet gains incredible good and bad luck at random times. Shar can communicate with whomever is cursed by this amulet and try to get them to do ridiculous tasks. She will randomly cause that person or persons to have extremely good or bad luck, whichever is funnier to her. A woman named Lucy, sister of Harrison, has stolen the amulet. Now Lucy and Harrison want to rid themselves of the amulet and need the party’s help returning it to the cavern. Return the amulet to the shrine in the cavern to remove the curse.”

The Swamp Temple of Chauntea

For (3 – 4 ) Adventurers Level 2-3

“After many days of traveling and smelling arguably worse than those ogres by now you’ve finally come across some sign of life, an old stone temple surrounded by a wrought iron gate. Your skin itching from mosquito bites and your armor feeling heavier each minute, any sign of civilization is welcome. There doesn’t appear to be any other building around the temple, at least not anywhere close. In fact, the temple seems abandoned but Jessi has offered to check it out for you all while you make camp. That was a couple of hours ago and Jessi still hasn’t returned. You haven’t heard anything. Maybe she’s busy talking to the other clerics inside or just exploring. You better check up on her.”

Trial of Fire

For (3 – 4 ) Adventurers Level 3-4

“Your party has finally made it to the fire temple of Kossuth, Lord of Flames. Sitting atop The Crimson Peak, the black obsidian spires of the fire temple surround the smoky vent of this dangerously unstable volcano. The ground rumbles, like a monster trying to escape beneath you, sending tremors across the ground and down your spine, but that quickly shakes off because you are heroes. You’ve braved far worse than this! What’s a little fire? The time has come to defeat the champion of Kossuth and his minions. He’s burnt enough forest and harassed enough families. Finish this “champion” once and for all. Glory and honor is yours for the taking.”

Dragon’s Horde

For (3 – 4 ) Adventurers Level 2

“For now you have evaded the black dragon wyrmling and found the entrance to its cave. Inside is the promise of magical items and a stack of coins. First, you must find a way inside. Collect the treasure, defeat the dragon, and escape.”

The Dreamgate

For (3 – 4 ) Adventurers Level 1-2

“The dreamgate is a powerful fortune telling device owned by the Dreamgate Caravan. This adventure is about saving members of the Dreamgate Caravan who were abducted in the night by a vampire named Darian. As an act of revenge, Darian, a now sour customer, has kidnapped some of the members and has hidden them in the nearby Frostwind Keep so he might turn them into vampires, building his following and, in turn, enacting his revenge. Players should stop the vampire before he harms others and save those he’s taken before they’re turned.”

Saving Carlyle the “Good Boy”

For (3 – 4 ) Adventurers Level 1-2

“Characters must rescue their pet dog, Carlyle the “Good Boy” from the grips of Lord Balding, an evil man with a serious lack of hair, who sits atop Mount Calypso, surrounded by his undead minions. The Goblin thief that took Carlyle has already delivered him to Lord Balding. Their only hope now is using a powerful time-traveling device known as the Device of Time Journeying, a small silver rod encrusted with gems lent by a powerful wizard friend, to go back in time and catch the Goblin thief before it makes it to the castle. Unfortunately, the Device of Time Journeying has also been stolen by a zombie minion and is also on its way to Lord Balding. Did I mention you left in such a hurry that you forgot your weapons? Follow the zombie’s path, take back the Device of Time Journeying, travel back in time, and stop the Goblin that holds Carlyle before it’s too late!”

Mogfur’s Painful Dilemma

For (3 – 4 ) Adventurers Level 1-3

“This is a story about a giant named Mogfur who loves music. Mogfur goes to every showing of the Azulian Orchestra, until recently. He has been missing for some time now. The party has decided to take a contract to find Mogfur and see if he is okay. First, they must travel across the Decaying Hills and through the dense Rosewood forest. They will also have to deal with a Knight of the Candle named Knight Gunter, an evil man who seeks to destroy Mogfur and collect his Faraway Figurine. Players must find Mogfur, make sure he is safe, and deal with Knight Gunter and his conquest for Mogfur’s Faraway Figurine.“

Spying on the Barmaid

For (3 – 4 ) Adventurers Level 2-3

“Mr. Willow needs adventures to keep a watch for suspicious activity around his bar, The Tilted Flagon, and find who has been stealing from him. Ever since hiring the new barmaid, his coffers have been emptier than usual. Catch the thief in the act and report them to the authorities. Reward: 100 gold pieces and a jeweled quarterstaff worth 200 gold pieces from Mr. Willow.”

Something in the Water at Lake Manitoka

For (3 – 4 ) Adventurers Level 5

“The residents of a small hamlet, Manitoka, are no stranger to tragedy. Over the last several years, handfuls of people have drowned in the local lake, Lake Manitoka. Their bodies have never been recovered. They seem to vanish into thin air. These drownings have intensified lately. A young girl, Zoey Carlton, the daughter of Archy Carlton, drowned a few days ago. Authorities tried combing the lake, but her body was never found. The characters have been hired by Melcam, the head of the guard in the village, to investigate what’s happening.”

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